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Kitesurfing Grenada Coral Cove

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Kitesurfing Grenada Coral Cove

Postby Peterlikeydicey » Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:27 pm

Hi Guys and Gals, so as I could not find any info anywhere before I went, I thought it would be a nice thing to post a bit of info about kitesurfing in Grenada.
I was there late Dec early Jan 2017. We stayed at Lance aux Erpines, Coral Cove apartments. Beachfront and pretty good actually and its the only place on the island you can (or would want to!) kitesurf, mainly due to the topography of the island and of course the prevailing winds.
My opinion would be its a place you can kitesurf, but not a kitesurf destination. The good things are its not crowded (ie you will often be on your tod!), the winds are good and constant and there are some offshore reefs you can do a bit of surfing. The bad things are the launch area is tight (I mean tight!!) and you can only just launch but if you are self launching or the kite stalls or anything, its in the trees and most likely in shreds, the palm trees are OK but there are other trees in the launch area that are ferocious, my 12m bears a huge scar, my first in 5 years. Also where you launch is called Coral Cove for a reason, there are loads of sea urchins and lots of bits of reef around, so I jumped off the pier to launch, you don't have to wear shoes (I didn't) but you then don't want to be putting your feet down anywhere. And you will almost certainly skank your board on the reef at some stage.
The sea state is chop, you can get to the outside reefs (IF the wind is constant, you don't want to even vaguely risk the wind dropping and being stuck out there) but there is no rescue options and venturing away from Coral Cove local areas is at your peril as there is a low chance of any help and it would be a tough swim back especially with the good chance of being spiked by an urchin.
So for me I would love and will go back to Grenada at some time, I would stay at Coral Cove apartments (great place, really nice, loved being on the beach and walking down to put my kit up but its always wind, good for me but not good for the wife!!) and I would take my kitesurf kit with me, 12m and 9m, but I'd take the oldest kit I had as you will likely damage something.

Hope that helps anyone thinking of Grenada! Peter

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