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What is your most used oldest kite?

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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby Carlos_C » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:35 am

I have a mastair 12 and 16 in the garage, I weigh 69 Kg and in 14 mph wind I have to be helped getting to the beach with the 16 Mastie - the static lift on that this is nuts. The bar is enourmous !!!

I still ride a 2006 Psycho 3 8 mtregularly

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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby Johhnn » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:10 pm

Flysurfer Speed 4 8 meter deluxe fabric. This will be my fourth season using it. I use it for foiling, so in relatively lighter wind. I can use it from maybe 10-30. I got a Core XR3 at the same time for higher winds, but I really don't like it on the foilboard. The steering lines are just too loose, no matter what setting I choose on the bridle attach points.

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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby NorthernKitesAus » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:22 am

My first kite was a brand new 2011 Fluid ATV 10m. However, it took all I my $$$ and I did not want or could not justify $1.5K + for a new kite, so I sold it and used the dosh to buy 2nd hand kites ever since. Buy 2nd hand and sell them on after a year or so.... bought more 2nd hand kites, and so on.
At one point I had 18 kites! Now I have 12. :roll:
My favourites now are Naish Boxer SLE 15m, with cross-over bar, and the Peter Lynn Synergy 12m. That is an amazing kite in 20+ knots.
Spins on a dime and pulls like a truck. I love kites that have grunt and some bar pressure, so I can feel the kite itself better.
One other favourite is ......drumroll........ Peter Lynn Waterfoil 5.6m, but the reason I love this kite so much is 1. it's small and packs into my pocket just about and 2. I've rebridled it entirely into a depower system, with a mixer, so now I can use it with a standard 4-line depower bar. It pulls like a 10m LEI kite, but spins incredibly fast. It requires a lot of control, but once parked she stays anywhere in the wind window you want. Great for 25knots +

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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby loco4viento » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:37 am

Nice comment on the Waterfoil! That was the most powerful foil kite per square meter ever (although the 3.6 and 2.4 Waterfoils were just as amazing). I've fooled with a lot of bridles and mods but a depower version of the Waterfoil sounds like a treat to ride. The Waterfoil was the sturdiest, most airtight, best constructed foil I've ever used (although stock bridles were pretty lame).

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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby vela99 » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:45 pm


I have a question that is somewhat related to this post or let me say some of the persons that contributed to this post may be able to answer.

Assuming no accidents nor aggressive use such as self launching on abrasive surfaces and assuming 3 to 4 hours exposure to sunlight per session, how many sessions does a kite last?

Mine, a 2011 North Rebel, has slightly more than 100 sessions and it looks like it could handle another 100, but I do not believe it could handle another 200. So my answer to the above question based on my limited experience would be 200 sessions..............maybe 250..........


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Re: What is your most used oldest kite?

Postby Starsky » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:39 pm

Its more like sun intensity than hours of kiting or sessions.

People that travel to the beaches of Brazil and stay for the season can tell you. Leave your kites out on the beach and their toast inside a season. Up here in the North, kites can last years.

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