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Toe Side advices needed

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Toe Side advices needed

Postby petato2 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:14 pm

Sure there are some topics where this has been discussed, but I am not able to find them.

I am starting to learn toe Side for waves riding.

I know the basics and are able to go toe side (more or leds) but still have two problems:

1. I often lose too much speed, get stocked and have to change the stance to gain enough speed again.

2. I still fall yo Walter many times when trying yo change to toeside. It is easier to just change feets (walking on board) or jump and change feets?

I know I just need more and more practise, but any advice would be great.

Thanks all


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Re: Toe Side advices needed

Postby jonysan » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:36 pm

1/ Toeside does tend to suck a lot of power , you can help by getting more weight onto your front foot, as you are probably sinking the tail more than you realize. When you are well powered up, it becomes easier.
2/ Long before strapless riding , when riding directionals , which was all the time ! , In onshore , cross on , conditions we would carve from heelside into toeside, then surf the wave toeside (without changing feet) then carve back into heelside, and so on down the wave. So, why not learn toeside riding by carving from heelside into toeside, and staying like that, going upwind isn't as easy as heelside, but not to bad with practice, also jumping on the way out is not difficult after some practice.
Nowadays, some strapless riders will think it bad form, but it's how surfers surf waves !!

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Re: Toe Side advices needed

Postby juandesooka » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:50 am

With practice your toeside upwind can be about 90% as efficient as regular heelside. Have to dig in and twist your body to get board pointed as upwind as possible. Here's some tips

A sliding harness helps, as you can twist your body a little more, with chicken loop coming off your upwind hip, rather than mid section.

Most surfers ride waves only with dominant foot forward, heelside and toeside as needed. Then ride heelside to get back upwind, whichever foot forward. So you might kick out of wave toeside, switch your feet to other stance so you can ride heelside to tack upwind, then when ready to turn you switch your feet back to toeside and do a toeside/heelside turn. Until you get good at your feet switches, you may fall and then have to water start. But keep practicing and it will come. Some people prefer to jump and turn, but I find it easier to shuffle back foot forward, then quick step back.

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Re: Toe Side advices needed

Postby Alysum » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:10 pm

Toe side is one of those things I just cannot master well unless I'm well powered up.

I always bring my back foot one foot forward and put more weight on the front foot.

I do lean a fait bit and dig the rail or keep it flat when under powered.

Maybe I need to get a rope slider...

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