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Wave and kiterules VS Windsurfrules

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Wave and kiterules VS Windsurfrules

Postby lander » Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:46 am

As the subject says, there are differences in the rules of surfing and kitesurfing: The kiters rules: ... rmance.pdf is the same as the surfrules:
but the rules of windsurfing: has a different rule.

To be more specific - the rule about right of way going out. Windsurfing rule says the surfer going out has priority and surfing rule says the one on the wave.

So if you are on a spot with both kiters and windsurfers and they sail after different rules - things can be quit complicated.

At our local spot we are sometimes 100 surfers in total (windsurfers and kitesurfers) and the reef is only 100 metes. So as you can imagine, quit a hazzle and not really possibel to make a kite and windsurf zone.

Any constructive ideas ? What have you experienced working at spots with both sports ?

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Re: Wave and kiterules VS Windsurfrules

Postby el_guestos » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:37 am

I find that most people either don't know or in the heat of the moment don't remember (or have time to think about) right of way rules so I tend to always fall back on rule no 1 in Toby's post here:


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