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Best Kahoona - don't recommend for beginners

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Re: Best Kahoona - don't recommend for beginners

Postby robertovillate » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:11 pm

Jono 111 wrote:Yep, not trying to start a scrap here - and I take these comments as constructive. My first thought with the kite was, wow, either these line lengths are completely screwed with seriously short back lines, or this kite has been through the school ringer and somehow has become completely bent out of shape....

The bar type, I don't know. It had a red plastic push away release, similar in size to an iron heart.

The thing that confused me was that when I released it, nothing much seemed to happen. The centre lines and back lines all just seemed to be twisted around each other with the flag line not being able to get itself moving freely from the others. Which is why I took the self help route and grabbed a steering line myself.....which was also not so successful.

Who knows, maybe it was an old model. I'm not familiar with this bar at all. But I'm pretty experienced, which is why I was confused when I went to do something very routine, and was like wow, this doesn't work at all !
I suppose a number of things could have been happening. I have flown several versions of the Kahoonas over the past 4 years, and the first version was probably the most stable in respect to over-sheeting...the newer ones seem more sensitive to bad tuning...but the new ones also have considerabe improvements over the first Kahoonas...imo anyway.

But it's good to discuss the potential problems and issues with all kites and bars...and in any case a well-tuned kite is SO much more fun to ride with...and making sure the safeties are set up correctly is smart too.

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