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Saving a Kite

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Saving a Kite

Postby Toby » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:38 pm

Saving a Kite


How can one retrieve a kite from the water, when it is on its own?

How To

If you know what you do then you need to approach the kite when it lays on the water. Don't try when it is looping or spinning around. Watch it, and once there is a moment where the kite stays calm, then approach it. Make sure your kite points away from that kite, so if it starts to fly up again, you can get away and it does not loop into your lines.

Grab it quickly on the SIDE of the kite...e.g. one wingtip. Steer your kite further to the wind window and drag the kite behind you to its wind window, so the bar is not straight upwind, but on the side. This will give you some extra caution and moves the lines out of the way. Now you can move with one hand along the front tube to the center of the kite. Make sure to do this with your backhand. Once there, start to ride. If you have a stopper, you might want to pull it further down so the kite creates more power. Get enough power to get going and then just ride.

The tricky part is getting to the kite and not tangled in its lines. Be very cautious, and if something happens, the kite starts to move, let go of it and drag away (therefore the kite on the side, so it can pull you away). And if you get tangled in the lines, be aware of the situation, try to get out of it, but keep an eye on the crashed kite, because if things don't work out, be ready to release your kite immediately, and also to let go completely.


- Important is that you have experience. You need to be in full control of your kite with one hand, left or right. If you don't have that, stay away, or you can get in very serious trouble.
- Having a knife for whatever situation would be advised, everything can happen...

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