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Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

Postby Nico7 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:19 pm

Thx for your helpfull answer SparD
My Vader is new and it's a lot of fun to drive it above 14knts.
I prefer to feel the water and waves, foilkiting at the moment isn't in my focus
But I'm always jealous if there is 10knts and everyone is foiling;-)
I would use the 17 just to eliminate the time between 10-14knts;-)
And as I heard the 17m turns quickly, so it should works also in 1m Waves with 12knts with my weight and Board..
I hope so;-)

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

Postby Digdawg » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:18 am

I ride a 17m flite and love the 14.5. For 10 knots your going to want the 17. It's not a 14/15 on how it handles, but for a 17 I have had a ton of fun on it! I used to have a 15 Best Taboo - the 17 Flite is light years faster than that 15. Sometimes when I'm working on a new trick I look for wind where I can try them on the 17 because it's so forgiving.

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Re: Ocean Rodeo Gen 5 Flite Review

Postby Macster » Wed Aug 15, 2018 10:27 am

Just sold mine but regrettably as they're a great kite. I had the 14.5m gen 5.

Awesome on a foil board. With 27m lines and at 85kgs as long as the kite could stay in the sky (5-6 knots), I could foil.

On a twintip i needed 10 knots to hold ground and 12-15 knots to have fun.

Tried lots of different line lengths. Because it turns so quick, I found 24-26m lines were optimal and gave some extra low end.

The kite flies like a delta kite i.e. the bandit. In very light wind you must be careful not to choke it by holding the bar in too much when doing power strokes. Let the bar out on the upstroke and keep it moving fast through the window and you wont need the 17m Flite.

It took me ages to dial in the kiteloops. It would loop too fast and without any power making me crash many tricks. I found that having the bar pulled 2/3rds in when looping and sheeting out asap as the kite rises to the zenith would give a better power deliver through the loop and allow old school tricks like darkslides and backroll hand drags to be completed

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