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February Wind conditions in Yucatan/ Quintana Roo

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February Wind conditions in Yucatan/ Quintana Roo

Postby DonKite » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:07 am

Hello fellow kiters!

I am a kitesurfer straight outta denmark looking for the next winter escape 😊

I am hoping for some knowledge from LOCALS or repeat vistitors kiting the two states or any given spot there during FEBRUARY. I have a full month for kiting there from feb 6th until march 6th. I am willing to drive around to chase the wind directions and have looked at stats for spots like Isla Blanca, Riveria Maya, and Holbox / El Cuyo. It seems april and may are the prime months, so what about the average february winds.. 😆?!

I am into freestyle riding and looking for that sweet, sweet flat water, to get som progression 😊 I am on my 12th year kiting and I do realise I might have to endure some chop and might not get butter flat on all the mentioned spots.. but one can hope right 😉

I am 85kg and riding boots on a somewhat flat rocker 143×42 board and rrd obsession mk10 9, 10.5 and 13.5 m2 on 22m lines.

With gear and weight info in mind and my willingness to drive between the northern spots and isla blanca and riviera maya my question is this:

How many days out of my 30days feb 6th - mar 6th can I roughly expect to ride with windstrength for freestyle pop and tricks?

Which of my mentioned kite sizes will be the most used? I expect least days om the 9m2, but how do the 10.5 stack up against the 13.5 in terms of days used?

I really appreciate any knowledge and info from people who have been there, hopefully during the full month of february in the recent years.

Thank you very much guys and all the best of winds whereever you are 😃


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Re: February Wind conditions in Yucatan/ Quintana Roo

Postby TomW » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:52 am

In was there last year in February for 2 weeks. 5 days at Holbox, rest down at Playa Maroma.
It was mostly light winds. On day it was 10ms at Holbox as a front passed, then most days had a breeze 12-14 knots. There was a few good days at Holbox, but they were taking a boat up around mosquito point to get the Sw wind.
I was learning to hydrofoil, so it was perfect. The locals on TTs were plowing around on big kites.
I'm sorry to say that it seems it is a bit hit-miss, you may feel frustrated looking for powered conditions every day.
Otherwise Holbox is fantastic, Maroma was great beach and there's lots to do and see in and out of the water.
Bring some cash to bribe the traffic police, they are known to pull people over and want to give you a fine....
BTW, I'm living in Malmö.

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Re: February Wind conditions in Yucatan/ Quintana Roo

Postby BillyGoatGruff » Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:30 pm

I was there for 2 weeks in April this year. I am similar (82kg) riding Naish Torch's and freestyle. I spend most of the time on my 14m Torch and wished I had a bigger kite. I probably rode about 9 days in 14. The wind comes in the afternoon and is a warm but weak Caribbean type wind. I am from the UK so similar strong wind to Denmark. A 20mph Caribbean wind is like a 15mph wind in Denmark/UK. Isla Holbox is the best spot and stunning place to go to. Kiting on the main beach in Playa Del Carmen is good, gets choppy but is an easy spot to ride. I think the best flat water spot is Isla Blanca (few km north of Cancun). Enjoy - nice food and a really great country.

I would take your 13.5m and 9m. Ideal for Mexico would be 9/12 & 16m/17m

p.s my tip - You don't need a car, Mexican buses are really good (air con, safe and comfy). I would get the ADO busses around. We stayed in Playa Del Carmen, Cancun,Holbox and Merida and took the bus between all these places.

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