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Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

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Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

Postby jakemoore » Sun May 13, 2018 3:20 pm

Yesterday I was sailing around the pier. Naturally I don't want to get in fishing lines and don't want a fishing kiteboarding clash for access. I was at least 1000 feet from the end of the pier and my hydrofoil caught long fishing lines. Had no idea they could go so far out. When trying to untangle the line the fisherman kept reeling in, hoping for a big fish. Then I found there were at least 3 fishing lines very close to me. Too dangerous so I abandondened the board and carefully body dragged out of the lines and then to shore.

Luckily everything ended well. Apparently when going for shark they paddle the bait in a kayak. The lines can stay very near the surface. There is a heavy weight to keep the bait down, sometimes a grappling hook. It would not be easy to swim fouled in that. The fisherman was quite disappointed with his catch, but I got the foil back.

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Re: Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun May 13, 2018 7:11 pm

I have tried it a couple of times too, on hydrofoils (never on waveboards) - not far out, but sometimes in marginal winds where you can not ride "away" from the coast, you get too close, and I have picked up a line.

Jumped in the water, and had to untangle while trying to keep my kite flying in this superlight wind, but luckily I havent got the hook into me in either of these cases...

Somewhat my own fault - but it is impossible to see how far the lines go out, unfortunately :roll:

It is tourists coming up here, standing at the coast, fishing, so no problems with access violation, just an incident that can occur unfortunately.

Around Piers I am always more careful, as they are somewhat "the domain" of those fishing - but it CAN be a PITA as the waves are always best to pick up and ride just at the end of the pier where they turn and peel along towards shore :wink:

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Re: Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

Postby Jamesconn300 » Sun May 13, 2018 7:36 pm

same thing happened to me, but a much more tame situation.

next to our "clubs" boat ramp is a town pier, i deal with it often so no worries.. I just holler and ask nicely to reel lines in when my foiling waszp is set up and ready to sail away from ramp.. this takes 20 seconds and then the fisherman can recast.

I never had problems until last year one dude forgot to reel in his line (it looked like he had multiple rods going). I was coming in from session.

he hooked my forward foil and proceeded to reel the thing in as fast and violent as he could.... I had to ask - then scream for him stop, after being yanked sideways toward the pier made of rocks for 15 seconds............. I then asked him - in a raised tone - to flip his drag and let me get to the shallow section of the ramp to untangle his line. I could have been less condescending but its a weird sensation being reeled into a tower of rocks. Obviously he didn't intend to hook me up

after swimming the craft to the ramp i finally was able to stand, so I capsized the boat per usual and got the massive luere with three tri hooks off my foil. I apologized awkwardly and thanked him for stopping reeling and lifting drag.

mind you, this public pier is only 40 feet from my ramp and only 5 feet above water at high tide, also its in a protected area so not any wind or current or chop, ... nothing like the big piers down south

made it very easy to communicate with Fishman to explain the situation preventing him reeling the boat into the rocks..

It was such a weird sensation tho - getting reeled in against your will...

:idea: if i had a knife i would have cut that shit in an instant :idea: .. $1.00 fish hook vs my hydrofoiling boat... doesn't take much deliberating

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Re: Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

Postby sarc » Mon May 14, 2018 2:55 am

:naughty: Foiling right where they fish for shark.... hardcore.

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Re: Beware fishing lines and carry a knife.

Postby IainMacaskill » Sun Jun 17, 2018 3:35 pm

I'll be packing steel from now on, today I snagged a huge fish hook and over a hundred meters of line, the fisherman must of cut the line.

The spinner wrapped around my mast and started tapping as I rode along, scared the lifeout of me.

A local had scissors and cut the mess off my mast, handling those hooks at sea would of been simple with a knife, although I'm happy it's out of the water.

So I immediately went out again to end the session on a high and snagged the rope off a Bhoy and I thought I was clear of it as I passed at least ten meters from it. Took twenty minutes of body dragging about to unloop the rope from the mast and get free. There is no way I could of gotten away with it in lite wind.

Now I'm not advocating cutting Bhoy ropes but I'd rather have the option and seek forgiveness

I then went out again and finished the session on a high and my foil is mostly filler so some more won't hurt.

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