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Looking for comparison of LF Impulse and Moses Onda Foils

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Looking for comparison of LF Impulse and Moses Onda Foils

Postby be-rad » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:11 am

Can anyone compare the characteristics of these two foils?

Obviously the Onda is the most hyped foil of the season - probably for good reason.
Is it worth the price premium over the impulse for a beginner/intermediate foiler?
(Onda: ~$1800USD vs. Impulse $1300USD)

From what I've read the impulse seems to meet most of my needs and I could even use it with my existing mast to save a few more bucks. But all the rave reviews of the 633 can't be ignored. What would I be missing if I go with the impulse?

Also, what is the likelihood that:
Moses releases a kite-specific 633 that can share a fuse with other Moses kitefoils.
Moses releases a carbon fuse.

Currently ride stringy wings / LF orange mast / alien air / BRM clouds.
Beginner/Intermediate strapless foiler.
Looking for something for lighter winds and to help with gybes and tacks.
Would be pairing it with a 37/42" pocket board.
No plans to use either for SUP/surfing.


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Re: Looking for comparison of LF Impulse and Moses Onda Foils

Postby liv2surf » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:10 am

I didn't read your requirements.... but I will give you my impressions of the LF Impulse (wings only).

I bought LF Impulse wings 4-5 months ago. I was riding the original LF Foilfish setup for 2 years. I still use the FF mast and fuselage with Impulse wings but will be switching to a limited release carbon mast/fuse soon. The Impulse wings are such a pleasure. I did a lot of research on my next wings/foil and was still unsure... but decided they sounded right. I took the plunge and got them.

All I can say is they are fantastic. They are so different from the original FF wings (which I was happy with and still having tons of fun on). One critical point is that I absolutely needed to shift the mast about 2" farther back than I had been riding the Foilfish wings. These wings have a lot of lift. And they get going immediately. When riding in the surf I am up on the foil as soon as I dive the kite - this is very useful because if I am inside I can get onto the foil fast and in shallower water due to this quick/early flying.

Because of their size, lift and early flying I believe I am able to go out a half kite size smaller than other foilers my size. The wings rarely cavitate and lose lift which is great in the waves and riding waves. My FF used to cavitate all the time... it took me days doing rediculous stuff (getting the wings out of the water) before I ever lost lift on these wings. It happens occasionally (and it is dramatic) but it is rare.

These wings are so carvey. I can carve so much better with these wings than on a surfboard. I can turn on a dime. The wings may not be the fastest and not the best upwind but they are a dream for freeriding, riding in surf and downwind. They are fully respectable upwind and plenty fast just less so that a high aspect race foil. You can really pump on these to add to the power from the kite. I have begun to master kitefoil waveriding with these, riding waves both upwind and downwind, heelside and toeside. I could not be happier with these wings.

Some background. this is my 3rd year kitefoiling (15th year kiting), 42y surfing. I kite foil >50% of the time in the waves (and prior to foiling I kited exclusively in the waves for >10y). I am a solid intermediate kite foiler and an reasonably advanced wave kiter. I don't progress fast... I just become more solid. I haven't ridden a twintip in about 13 years. I was absolutely dedicated to kiting waves until I got into foiling.... and now though I still like a good wave session, I love foil sessiions on flat water, swelly flat water and in the waves. I kite foil in real surf (1-2 m surf) in the San Francisco Bay area but am still not really charging waves much over shoulder high on the foil. But, I feel like that will come soon enough with these wings and my progression. I still don't change my feet when up on the foil. I would like to, but just haven't spent much time on this.

Stoked on LF Impulse wings.

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Re: Looking for comparison of LF Impulse and Moses Onda Foils

Postby slingshotucf » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:15 pm

I ride the Impulse set up on a galaxy and I love it. I have also ridden the Moses wings a bunch. The differences are that the Moses is more skatey. Can ride at a higher speed and is sharp as a razor and pointy ended. Go with the Impulse and save the $ and future injury of getting cut up. I have 8 stitches from a Moses wing. The Moses is fun, I give it that and I've had some great sessions in waves with it but they need to do something about being a tomahawk.

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