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Moving from North Vegas - Core Gts5 or Xr5

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Re: Moving from North Vegas - Core Gts5 or Xr5

Postby fzonatto » Wed May 22, 2019 2:50 am

Last year I rode gts4 vs xr5 1 back to back 1 full day that I rented in ilha do guajiru. I don't do megaloops just loops.

GTS. as everyone say it does loop fast, u will jump hi but not as xr5 but very live and fun kite.

Xr5 a bit slow it does take u longer and higher in the air.

I ride Rebels for some years almost changed to core and still thinking about the xr5, just don like the core colours.

However 2 weeks ago I used a duotone dice from a friend and that kite was taking me high not so long as the rebel and also jot that high but rnougjt to enjoy and love the kite ( since u re coking to Vegas worth it a look) omp

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Re: Moving from North Vegas - Core Gts5 or Xr5

Postby wrogu » Wed May 22, 2019 8:21 am

Me and my mates are onsidering similar 'switch' (we own vegases too).

Several kites to test on our list. It also includes GTS. There is also dice, enduro, dash on the list.
I am afraid rebel/xr5 are too boring to ride. There are people looping them with great success, but for oridinary loopers I assume hybrids are a lot safer and more reliable.

I have already tried GTS5 (on some odd settings tho) and it is a very nice kite but what it lacks compared to vegas is: bar feedback and stability. Bar feedback can be used to. Vegas tho is the most stable kite I have ever used.
Other things you sacrifice/gain are obvious.

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