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Core just released: XR6 and XR6 LW

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Re: Core just released: XR6 and XR6 LW

Postby ulukaya » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:57 pm

So kiteboarding review says that xr6 is nothing different than xr5.

I wish they spend more time on the bar and/or durability instead of just trying to shave weight. No issues with canopy but bridles and lines keep giving out repeatedly.

My wild guess is on the pursue of making the kite lighter, they sacrificed durability on the bridles.

In my area couple xr5 kites consistently suffer from it while didn't have same issues on other kites.

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Re: Core just released: XR6 and XR6 LW

Postby markap42 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:55 pm

Core says the XR6 kites are lighter. Can someone do a weight comparison of the same sized XR4, XR5 and XR6 kites??? And the light wind versions???

The XR4 and XR5 lightwind versions were heavy compared to the competition. It would be interesting to see the XR6 17m2 LW weight.

Bar pressure is increased with the XR6 over the XR5. The XR5 had increased bar pressure over the XR4. Can someone compare the bar pressure between the XR4, XR5 and XR6?

The XR6 jumps look less floaty. Any real user opinions?

Please help.......

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Re: Core just released: XR6 and XR6 LW

Postby thewindego » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:26 pm

Just weighed my fresh xr6 quiver.
2.65, 3.13, 3.64, 4.15kg for 6/8/10/12

I don't have the xr5 weights.

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Re: Core just released: XR6 and XR6 LW

Postby flipper231 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:39 am

I am not that strong of a kiter, let's say I will be an eternal intermediate.

Took out this baby (XR6 10m) in 10ish knots on the Fusion 3 152 and in 32-33 (local distributor was very comfy on the Nexus 7m) on the Choice 139. Fun at 10? barely, comfy at 32? nah. But in between there is a lot of usable range. I spent 2 weeks on the Evo 2019 in December in Brazil and the XR6 13.5 is much more fun. As fast turning, more stable, smoother. The Evo has a bit of the on/off feeling of the Dice to it since it has been 3 struts whereas the XR6 has that constant power while still very controllable at its top end. With the Nexus, I could mess around the top end, with the XR6 I would be a bit more cautious. I would not say it is rough or anything but you feel the power early on. The 10m is a pretty good all terrain, holds itself in the waves, the 13.5 is much more of a cruizy machine that gives you airtime to improve on your rotations and stuff. In the waves, you have to anticipate your turn at the bottom other wise the lines go slack and the kite stays a good yank and it comes back to life but don't wait too much.

So far so good, I have never been a Core fanboy, I have been on Evo and Dices since 2016.


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