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Moses 683 Freeride QA

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Wazza KiteFoil
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Moses 683 Freeride QA

Postby Wazza KiteFoil » Tue Jun 04, 2019 10:30 pm

I have wondered for a while why my 683 became unstable at higher speeds. Note: I have shimmed and made all the usual adjustments but did not expect QA issues.
The other day I had a close look and discovered the front and back wings are 1cm out of square.
Also the trailing edge of the stab is very irregular due to the hand beveling- looks like it was done in a rush.
I checked with a friend who has the 710 fuselage and while not in square his is only 2mm out. However his stab is also poor on the trailing edge. 
Friend manages much higher speeds than me even when he sits on his board.
I ask for others to measure the squareness of their 683 or 633 with 483 stab.
Plus check over all finish.

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Re: Moses 683 Freeride QA

Postby grandeand » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:23 am

hello, I also tried the 683 and I liked it a lot.
I could not push well because I had too tight a foot stance. about 60 cm but I'm 186cm tall.
surely I will have to try it with a board where I can widen my feet more.
Obviously the equipment must not have trim problems, it must be very clean and the trailing edges must be perfect.

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