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now foil kiters are saying their kites drift better

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Re: now foil kiters are saying their kites drift better

Postby tomtom » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:14 am

My last comment about this :) - Peak 4 - 5m and down is more maneuverable a quicker turning kite than whatever wave LEI - power per power. It has more LEI feel on bar than foil kite feel. It requires very short bar - thats is clear representative of kite reactiveness. It turns and react much better while drifting than wave LEI.

Upwind is on pair with gruntier wave leis that sits deeper in VW. Stability in gusty wind is unreal - dumping power on demand also - these are Peaks highlight. Downsides are: jumping is nonexistent and relaunchability can be issue.

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Re: now foil kiters are saying their kites drift better

Postby slowboat » Wed Jun 12, 2019 9:30 am

elguapo wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 8:23 pm

the Waves from Concept Air(at least the smaller sizes) are the best surf kites there's ever been. my humble opinion.

..has excellent drift (imo, as well as peak4...but waves don't have that low end) stable at apex...oooh and it is relaunchable (almost to a fault)

CA Waves drift as well as Peak 4? Could this really be correct?

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Re: now foil kiters are saying their kites drift better

Postby elguapo » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:46 pm

i was being polite saying " well.."

just my opionion but the wave 4.5 is the best drifting kite i've personally flown. (and i own and fly a peak4 frequently)
the CA wave also holds/stays at apex better....and it relaunches very well (more or less on its own)

also my opinion..
because of poor relaunchability... i wouldnt recommend the peak4 for surfing to spite of the excellent low end and that power/m2

being able to only relaunch 50% of the time is not good enough around breaking waves (or offshore behind the breakers)...imo.

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Re: now foil kiters are saying their kites drift better

Postby foilholio » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:38 pm

Foil kites have always drifted better for a long time now, long before wave kites were a concept.

Two things come to mind though what is drift and what is better? Drift is broken into two areas. One is the ability of the kite to stay flying with no tension in the lines. The other is a kite that maintains line tension when others would lose it, as in it tracks downwind with you.

For surfing no line tension is amazing. The kite does not exist and so a complete surf feel is achieved and things like proper cut backs and direction changes are possible. Foil kites are more capable at this but harder to use and not all foil kites are equal. Bigger foil kites are better at this, certain designs too and generally lower aspect as well. The skills to manage a foil kite to drift and when it goes wrong are quite a bit, but it can seem easy when you get it right and is magical.

Kites that maintain line tension are horrible, but that's my opinion because I like no tension and kites like that won't do it or do it easy. Foil kites generally don't maintain line tension naturally, but some models do it a bit. You can however make a foil kite do it. A foil kite can relatively easily be made to position any where in the window.

Also a distinction between the styles of surf kiting and wave kiting needs to be made. Surf kiting uses the kite to catch waves but generally not ride them. In reality you can't use a kite to ride a wave because you are then riding the kite and not the wave. Which then becomes wave kiting which is using the kite to ride on or near the wave. You will regularly see "wave" kiters do turns completely assisted by the kite, like on the flat in front of the wave. They also use it to power into slashing turns at the top of the wave, where the biggest spray is to be achieved. I think because this is a difficult feat with out a kite it makes them feel satisfied :-) lol.

Personally though I think style is a preference. I do like wave style sometimes, but I prefer surf feel, getting barrels and oh airstyle strapless :-P
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