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Core Fusion 4 and Fusion 4 LW

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Core Fusion 4 and Fusion 4 LW

Postby Toby » Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:14 pm

Core News:

Core Fusion 4 and Fusion 4 LW

core 1.gif
core 1.gif (118.48 KiB) Viewed 774 times

FREERIDE | FREESTYLE - Super talented allrounder.

Meet our Cartan carbon powered Fusion 4. For those who have ridden our Fusion 3, the Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards, you’ll love the Fusion 4. For the rest of you, give it a try because our latest twintip carries over all the good stuff from the Fusion 3 and then squeezes even more Cartan carbon into an improved outline.

Find out more about our brand new Fusion 4 here:

Powered by Cartan Carbon – Our exclusive hi-performance carbon fiber.

core 2.jpg
core 2.jpg (11.14 KiB) Viewed 774 times

Like all our twin tips, the secret behind the Fusion 4’s sweet ride is the carbon fiber. Our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsion and longitudinal flex by allowing more flex along the length the board and less flex toe-to-heal. Cartan carbon’s unique high filament count and unique weave also uses less resin which saves considerable weight. Experience the signature feel of a Cartan carbon powered Fusion 4.

Same awesome Multi Channels – for unbelievable handling.

core 3.jpg
core 3.jpg (29.79 KiB) Viewed 774 times

The channels worked so well on the Fusion 3 we continued the design on our new board. The center channel follows the length of the board and provides extra depth for the deep V-keel. In addition to the center channel, we added two ¾ length outer channels that further improve edging. There’s so much grip, fins are practically optional.

Improved Vario Rails - for a smoother ride.

core 4.gif
core 4.gif (79.92 KiB) Viewed 774 times

The rails feature a variable thickness profile, increasing roughly 6mm in depth from the tips to the grab handle. We shaved the thickness of the board (saving weight!) while maintaining its flex properties by adding more Cartan carbon between the pads. This softens up the tips ever so slightly and the extra carbon releases more kinetic energy when called upon.

Same fantastic 3D Wood Core.

Powerfully light, marine grade, Paulownia wood is the heart of every Fusion. The laminated, long-grained wood core gives our boards dimensional stability, decay resistance, and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. The Paulownia extends to the board edges and is CNC milled – top and bottom.

New deck and improved outline.

Naturally, the lighter Fusion 4 receives a fresh new look and a smashing new topcoat that also blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although we tweaked the board's outline to reduce unwanted spray we stayed faithful to that signature ‘on water’ feel everyone loves. We’d love to show you all the new features of our board at any of our demo days. So, come out and have a ride on us!

Fusion 4 LW. Light wind has never been this fun.

core 5.jpg
core 5.jpg (29.46 KiB) Viewed 774 times

Alive. Energetic. Fun. Not the words commonly associated with a lightwind session. And we don’t expect you to believe us. So, try a new Fusion 4 LW and see for yourself. Maybe lightwind cruising can be a lot more fun than you ever imagine. These early planing, energetic boards will get you more fun-time on the water. The only downside we see in the LW edition is that with all the same knowhow and tech that goes into the smaller boards, the high-performance LW editions may result in a few late dinners. And missed appointments. But it’s all good.


133x39 – 135x40 – 137x41 – 139x41,5 – 141x42 – 144x43 – LW 147x44 – LW 152x46

CORE Union Pro 3. Amazing comfort and customizability.

core 6.jpg
core 6.jpg (25.15 KiB) Viewed 774 times

Say hello to our new Union Pro 3 pads & straps. Now with an articulating split strap and ridiculous customization options. What? Our engineers split the strap to give independent form-fitting adjustability to your forefoot and midfoot. Each half of the split straps is independently micro adjustable with its own set of velcros. You can adjust the angle of your feet 11 different ways to lock in your preferred stance and move your pad closer or further away from the board edge. And the strap has 2cm of pad adjustability fore and aft to accommodate all foot sizes. We know, that’s an insane amount of customization. We want to make sure it fits everyone.

Find out more at

Fusion 4 and Union Pro 3 deliveries commence July 30th 2019 – pre-order now!

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Re: Core Fusion 4 and Fusion 4 LW

Postby Madraoulas » Wed Aug 05, 2020 8:48 pm

I'm 85 kg 137x41 ok size of core fusion 4 ?..I have also a LW boatd 142x45 and I beginner...thank you

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