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5m or 4m? windrange and sweetspot?

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Re: 5m or 4m? windrange and sweetspot?

Postby windfreak74 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:43 am

hey foilholio,
tell me a little about the windranges on pansh kites.
what to expect from lets say a 3and 5 m genesis and a 7m aurora 3?
what would i be comparing the 7m aurora in to sle kite?would a 7m aurora be like a 10 m sle?
can you tel me sweetspots ang range?

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Re: 5m or 4m? windrange and sweetspot?

Postby philemonfilou » Fri Feb 07, 2020 8:14 pm

to be not (never..?) over powered you can consider the Concept air wave
i try the 4.5 in 33/43 kts with 13m lines it works..(i am 87kg)
and the 3m with 22m lines in 40 to 50 kts it works better...i can probably support some few knots more
the same day a friend was riding with the 2.3m (he is 73kg) and it was definitivly not the limit of the kite...
theses kites have probably a windrange of 20 or more kts...for the 2.3, 3m and 4.5...

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