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How To Heli Loop / Downloop / Landing Loop for big jumps big air | Get High with Mike

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Re: How To Heli Loop / Downloop / Landing Loop for big jumps big air | Get High with Mike

Postby wrogu » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:44 am

Blackened wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:38 am
I think the easiest way of saying it is:

Kite on the left, pull with the right.
Kite on the right, pull with the left.
Kite behind, doesn't matter
Kite in front...wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I often overfly my kite to one side or the other, depending which way I want to ride away. If I'm megalooping (kite in front), then when I swing underneath, I pull either way depending on my body rotation.
I second that.

Imho why back hand loop might be harder is the fact that you have to redirect the kite (to the side of your front hand) and it takes time, yanks you a bit and you have to do it while you are still relatively high as well. Once it is on your front hand side and you are descending (2-4m above water) you pull the loop. I actually found it easier to learn backhand loops and do not like the feeling of a downloop, somehow I always end up turning while landing :P

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Re: How To Heli Loop / Downloop / Landing Loop for big jumps big air | Get High with Mike

Postby Herman » Fri Feb 14, 2020 9:51 am

This will sound somewhat random but as we are talking about swing......... If you can get a go on a workshop crane with a good operator you can learn a lot about swing management. Simplistically when the crane sets off the load will lag (inertia). When the crane stops the load will swing under the crane and beyond it. To kill the swing you set off with the crane then stop, wait for the load to swing and just before the load is below the crane set off again with the load stationary relative to the cable. Of course if you want more swing you let the load swing under then set the crane off back from where it came from (sort of the sheet out to get the kite farther upwind of you).

Just for completeness, to kill the swing at the end of a travel you stop the crane let the load swing forward and then, as it swings back move the crane forward to meet it half way.

If this helps you visualise what's going on great. If you do not understand what I am going on about just ignore!!!!!
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