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Firewire Hydroshort kite version

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Re: Firewire Hydroshort kite version

Postby adamj2281 » Tue Sep 08, 2020 3:18 pm

Ok, so here's my update. Primary takeaway is don't and I repeat, don't use Quobba fins with this board. No knock on the board or Quobbas, they work fine on other boards. The confluence of a foil-type water flow off the fin towards the tail and the deep channeling through the center of the board made it unnecessarily loose. I said this in previous posts that the board felt skiddish, well it's not the board it was the fins in my case. Total mistake on my part, I should have thought about that when I grabbed those fins.

Anyways, I set it up as a thruster with JJ-2 fins and it's solid, predictable, great handling. Got a few frontside days, and it's exactly what I wanted. Quick snaps, rail to rail quick, handles everything well. I will say it's less forgiving than my other boards, once I started to get tired and my legs were getting a bit wobbly it was easy to stuff the nose or bury the rail if not paying attention. It is not a plug and play easy going type of board, but it's the first one where I get the tail to whip way around so that the fins are out and pointing downwind.

So, after a few posts, here's my takeaways:

1. Great choice for a smaller length board that can still handle relatively larger waves.
2. Fast and light rail to rail, channels take a bit to get used to, when you get foot placement right they hold really well and lock the board in a bit.
3. Don't use Quobba fins! (Just for this board, anything else without channeling will work, and they say that on their page).

I'm 175 lbs./78kg on the 5'4" for reference, the fins I use are Mediums and more on the hold/control side of things.

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Re: Firewire Hydroshort kite version

Postby Kikizme » Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:04 pm

5 sessions:

I tested This board in Side-on shore conditions. I décided to skip thé set up and go for quad version with Carbon carve fins, to improve control in bottom turn with speed.

This is a good option for upwind hability really , and manœuvrability with speed... no doubt about This .

The board keep a really Nice Pivot, and tight curves are still allowed wich is for me the best point of This board. But The carver fins fcs2 do not Allow same slashy hability fins .

Négative point : the board is really stiff and in rough ( =not glassy) conditions it can be difficult to keep control. That was for me the best point of the stallion and stallion overhead éven in these conditions.

So : really great board, not a light wind board, amazing curves/pivot hability. A bit stiff in bad conditions.

My last session Monday with This board . 17-20 knots/ side on, Plenty of current, beach break/shore-break, south west France ( nudist spot 😂). ... 4WLSOXANwI

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Re: Firewire Hydroshort kite version

Postby riddim1 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:24 am

Do any Hydroshort riders have any opinions or thoughts on riding the surf ‘non-kite’ version in the Helium construction?

I’ve always purchased the Kite construction with my LFT boards as I felt Standard LFT were more prone to breaking under kite loads.

The Helium boards seem much more solid so wondering if it’s worth purchasing the standard construction instead? I’m looking at a 10 week lead time for a new kite construction Board or an off the shelf standard construction. Cheers

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