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Kitefoil on wingfoil board?

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Re: Kitefoil on wingfoil board?

Postby joekitetime » Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:47 pm

I'd like to chime in and agree w/the other posts to say it doesn't work. I do both and have several wings and boards and love to experiment. Wing foiling and kite foiling are very, very different. I love my 633 wing behind a kite, hate it on a wing. Truth be told, I can't stand my 873 behind a kite, and don't really like my 790 behind a kite, but love them with the wing. Forget the 1100 on the kite. Regarding boards the difference is similarly pretty drastic. Super small boards on the kite, and larger boards on the wing work well and there really isn't the need to ride a smaller board on the wing - there is much less of an advantage. Lastly, really really small kites on a big wing and whatever board size really isn't fun in my opinion. It is a direction I tried but abandoned.

When the wind is super, super light (under 10kts) I used to grab my 633/380stab and t22 with an 8m naish trip kite and had a blast with enough power to ride and carve and get all crazy. When the wind got up to 12kts-13kts I felt overpowered and would then prefer the 6m wing on the 873/420. Now I can wing in the slightest of breezes (under 10). So the advantage of the wing is that if a lull drops to 5-6, you can schlogg (no kite to drop) and when a puff comes back get back on foil. But, if I were flying a kite in those same conditions it would be a lot more work and I would still feel either overpowered or underpowered. The kite would be pulling too hard or I would be fighting like crazy to keep it in the sky.

I hope that helps a tad.
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