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Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

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Re: Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

Postby slothy-the-sloth » Mon Jun 21, 2021 11:47 pm

My gf uses a 2018 North clickbar. I rode it yesterday, the clickbar does bind much more than the sentry. Between the two my #1 is the sentry bar, hands down (for the reasons listed in my post above about the clicking system etc).

1 more huge plus for the sentry bar: The 'seatbelt' chicken loop attachment. Was out pretty far in 30+ kts this weekend and had a full kite inversion, had to eject so the kite to get it back to normal. After pulling the flagging line all the way, I could reattach the chicken loop with 1 hand. I forgot how hard/scary it is to hold a flagging line in 1 hand in 30+ kts and still reattach the chicken loop after a release. The click in/seatbelt of the sentry bar is huge for safety. Shouldn't be understated.

edit: I did hear back from slingshot, it turns out my bar is defective, and the area that the PUC flows throw is quite sharp, they are sending a new bar, PUC and depower line. Kudos to slingshot!

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