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Why a stabi, when wing foiling?

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Re: Why a stabi, when wing foiling?

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:16 pm

foilfun wrote:
Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:09 pm
Kite foiling and wing foiling are different sports. In kite foiling, I love the snappy free feeling of the monofoil with a shorter mast. But in wing foiling, I love the hard driving carves of a long fuselage and longer mast. After spending many months winging my 55L board with the Neil Pryde surf wings XL, M, S, as monos and stubbies, I recently switched to the Takuma Kujira foils 1440, 1210, 980. That foil works amazingly well. I’m able to fully drive the foil on the top and bottom turns (lake “waves” in 30-40 mph). While it’s still fun using the same board and foil for kiting, the turns are just not the same because of the need to keep the lines of the kite semi-loaded or drive back upwind to reload them if they slack too much. Thus, the monofoil comes into play for a different type of turn while kite foiling.

When I bought the Kujira, I thought I’d cut it like my others, but I always like to ride things as designed before I change them. I’m glad I did. I did wing the Kujira without the back wing one day. While nice as a monofoil, I missed the deep, driving carves that make winging so much fun and different from kiting. Just my opinion, of course. :D
Hmm, interesting indeed, as I found it quite opposite - love the driving feel of kitefoil, also in waves, whereas for wingfoil it does not mean the same, and agility is key here.

8) Peter

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Re: Why a stabi, when wing foiling?

Postby Dontsink » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:12 pm

RRD Monofoil?
At minute 31:00
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Horst Sergio (Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:55 pm)
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Re: Why a stabi, when wing foiling?

Postby Horst Sergio » Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:24 pm

Thanks Dontsink,

and yes, also to me it sounds like a RRD Monofoil is coming, so time to start a list:

- Delta Hydrofoil: 2019 with very first Monofoil with a 0-Fuselage and a Dualuse frontwing; ... late-mount
- Spleene: 2021 with first only for Monofoil use Frontwing; ... -wing.html
- Ketos Foils: Prototype since 2019; Have asked for more info but no respond via mail or fb
- RRD: Prototypes since 2020? as named in the video

Tried the Spleene these days,
I was pretty sure for me in the best case interesting in light wind on the wing, but as it was also to light for that, I was forced to use a Peak4 6 m² instead:

In very first short words:
Surprised that I liked the pretty simple fiberglas cut out construction pretty much. Tips are very flexible and sharp, so has to be disarmed first, especially the tail. Also the resistance is for sure significant higher than the high end 1000 cm² I normaly ride, but resistance is acceptable for the very low AR shape and if riding a bit faster that works good, resistance could be lower than that of normal stabi Wingfoils of this size, but with much higher AR and stabi-handbreak. Manouverability for sure is great but pitch stability is very good. I hope to be able to try it again also with a kite as want to try sit foiling, which I just missed today and also the wind was maybe anyway to low. Same problem with the wind when trying to drift it, but it showed already up to work extremly well, as expected for a full flat wing (as already shown here in a video: viewtopic.php?f=196&t=2393935&p=1131251#p1131251)
What also, a bit surprisingly, worked very well was the ability of the wing to regain flow, after drifts. Also when doing backflips in those lightwinds with the big wingfoil board, I never managed to creat a stall of the wing when landing, but the wing always catched flow and so could land all full flying. Even if with its size the speed range is a bit low for jumping I will be surprised how it will land on a wing. With my 1000 cm² I can already land raileys full flying. To me it seems a lot about a thin sharp nose profile, which both have. With all my Gong wings I always had a lot of difficulties to land even the most easiest backflips in flight as probably with their bulky nose profiles they most time just didn't rebuild flow.
In maybe most relevant direct comparison with my 1100 - 1500 cm² Gong wings used as mono, the Spleene seems to do pretty much everything better.
Hope for the next test maybe tomorrow. :D
Kitejunkie Test Spleene Monofoil.jpg

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