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Eletric Fin to help wingfoil waterstart

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Eletric Fin to help wingfoil waterstart

Postby diogoveb » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:00 pm

How about using the Boost Fin to make the wingfoil waterstart easier and maybe being able to use lower volume boards more easily?

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Re: Eletric Fin to help wingfoil waterstart.

Postby juandesooka » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:15 pm

Same thought occurred to me in Nov 2019 when I ordered one on kickstarter....still patiently waiting. :roll:

Hoping it'll arrive in next month or two, will give it a go. The idea was originally about sup foiling, but wing foiling may be an even bigger help....just that little bit extra forward momentum you need to get unstuck. I figure if I mount it near mast base, it'll have no drag in the water once up on foil. We'll see, I'll report back.

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Re: Eletric Fin to help wingfoil waterstart

Postby fluidity » Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:08 am

So you want a "hybrid" :lol
But there is a price!
More weight.
More drag.
More controls to simultaneously operate.

Is it really worth it??

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Re: Eletric Fin to help wingfoil waterstart

Postby papasmerf » Wed Feb 24, 2021 5:44 am

it looks like they took a cpu fan and attached it to a cheap fin. hopefully it is better built than it looks

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