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North Valve - Airport v1 Inflation valve on Rebel 2015 kite. Leaking

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North Valve - Airport v1 Inflation valve on Rebel 2015 kite. Leaking

Postby psz211 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:36 pm

Hi All -

I have a 2015 North Rebel with an Airport v1 inflation valve.
I unfortunately left my North original hose in a safe place in a storage unit, and won't be able to get back to it until later this year.

I was using a standard hose the last few months, and it worked off and on but would leak air, I could eventually get it to lock. Not the best, but it worked.
Recently, it won't hold air at all, even in the close position. I bought the North Adapter last week, and tried it today, still doesn't work. The adapter sold now is for newer kites, the Airport v2 but should still work.

I read a few prior posts, and
1) This helpful repair guide if the plastic flap falls off, I took out my port from the bladder, and this isn't the problem. Mine is still in place. Lifts on open, and can close fully on lock. ... rt%20valve

2)I read this from this forum - viewtopic.php?t=2389217

Anyone with a similar issue on an older model north kite, would love not to have to take this into the shop and replace the valve.

Like I said, I examined the flap below the valve and can manually press it closed, so assume air should be able to close it off as well.


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