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Core XR7

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Re: Core XR7

Postby Ice101 » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:37 pm

Use an ozone b4 bar on my xr6 11m and 9m. Felt a lot better than when o had a core sensor 2 bar. Less vibration with the lower v bar. More of that bird like feeling they go on about in the new xr7 with a lower v bar.

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Re: Core XR7

Postby jyka » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:17 am

I'm a fan of high AR, 5 strut, flat profile kites. I have/had/have tried: nitro, draft, boost, rebel, p1, xs, edge, switchblade, xr.

I tried the new xr 9m² this week. I liked it a lot. I tried edge v10 11m last year and I said it's the best LEI kite ever, but hard to say now which one I like more. Both are great!

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Re: Core XR7

Postby SolarSet » Thu Sep 30, 2021 12:44 pm

eenzwemvijver wrote:
Tue Aug 10, 2021 9:35 pm
mmm , I had the Reedin supermodel 11 and 9 m , Orbit 2020 and 2021 in 12 , 10 and 8 m and now the Rebel 2021 9 and 7 m ( + Dice 12 m ) all in a period of 1,5 year .
I am a averidge kiter ( double bankroll ,deadman , darkslide , frontroll , 15m jump ) never unhook ( 53 y old ) and this is my experience with all of these kites .
The Reedin is a faster kite with not a lot of bar pressure , perfect for freestyle and kite loop but not a " big air " kite . The Orbit is a bit slower kite with lite bar pressure , a blend between a Reedin and a rebel , loops are good , but you get to know the kite to get everything out of it . The drift is the weak point and in my opinion not the kite for lite wind days . The rebel is my standard kite from 2019 , I had all the versions until 2021 . For me it is a very good fine tuned Big air kite . I can not think that there will be many people who don't like a Rebel !
I did test the XR7 in 11m and 9 m . Did not like the 11m because of the bar pressure ( I don't like heavy bar pressure ) but the 9 m was a surprise , so I ordered a 9 and 7 m . The XR7 is a very easy kite , that has a bit more lift and hangtime compare to the Rebel in my opinion , but I wil test them intensive when they arrive . I will try them first on my duotone clickbar .
I have also a 11, 9 and 7 Naish Pivot 2021 and they are ( except the 12m ) very nice kites , more power than the Reedin with bar pressure between Rebel and Core for people who like a faster kite and kite loops . The build Quality of the Naish is very good and the inflate / deflate the best on the market today !

So that is MY OPINION about those kites , and I believe that every kiter is different and may prefer a different kite ! There is not a thing as " the best kite " only " the best kite for me "
Enjoy Mother Nature :-)
This is very interesting review about Supermodel as I'm still undecided about getting Supermodel myself. Moving away from big air XR6 I'm looking for more versatile kite like Supermodel V2. Yesterday had my first testing session with 12m SM and it was strange experience, wind was 18-22kts (too much for 12m but they have nothing smaller for testing) and I notice some good and not so good things comparing to my XRs,

Good thing kite was quick and lighter bar pressure than XR (when wind picked up and overpower bar pressure considerably high). Another good feature of this kite which is not something I find in XR is after jump it gives me a very lofty decent, seems like kite remain all the time deeper in WW than XR and it never overflies rider. It generates constant pull when turning it. Something really weird If I had such a jump forward like I did on SM I would definitely fall to water like stone as kite would overfly me.

What I didn't like but it could be due too much wind was I didn't manage to jump vertically like I do on XR or Rebel. Every time I jump I went quite a bit downwind. I'm sure its a consequence of kite being deeper in WW than big air kites.
Due to position in WW it didn't edge upwind very well.
I'm planning to borrow this kite in lighter wind maybe tomorrow in around 16kts it will work better.

Small detail I don't like it is this inflation system, I don't know how to fully deflate kite?? Core has something similar but they attach plastic thing to kite that goes inside kite and deflates give but SM you keep your finger in until it's deflated?

I'm looking for 8/10/12m kites for 70% on TT and 30% on foil and thought that SM could do a trick. I have never ridden 3 strut kite I have switchblades before XR6
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