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eBay shill bidding

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Matteo V
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eBay shill bidding

Postby Matteo V » Thu May 13, 2021 2:58 pm

Wow! Never seen as much shill bidding on Scameybay. And on the lower priced stuff, I see lots of ridiculous prices, then immediate relisting of the item the next day from the same seller. This likely indicates all of the bids were shill bids, thus the auction fails.

Years back, I know I was shill bid up to within a few bucks of my maximum price on 2 foil kites.

Watch out, and dont assume value of used gear is even close to the sale price on Scameybay.

And I can kind of sympathize with the sellers as they have to pay ebay fees, and most states now tax (sales tax) the resale of a used item. So what the sellers actually get for kite gear is way less than what us buyers wind up paying for it.

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Re: eBay shill bidding

Postby jakemoore » Thu May 13, 2021 7:27 pm

Yes eBay has gone downhill big time. I always used to list for $1 no reserve with the idea that I just don’t want to be a gear hoarder.

But now eBay forces shop level customer service on a used kite sold for $200 or less. There is real danger you could spend $100 in shipping and fees to let a newb damage a kite and return it to you 30 days later.

And finally it was once possible to attach 100 photos or a google Picasso or Flickr album. Now the number of photos is capped unless you pay. It is more difficult to give a buyer a really good understanding of what they will get.

I have had good results with kiteforum and iKite.

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