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Kite GPS for Garmin Watches

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Re: Kite GPS for Garmin Watches

Postby aleks » Fri Oct 22, 2021 4:00 pm

Lostfish wrote:
Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:12 pm
Just a quick post to say that this is a fantasitc app that you've put together for the kite community. Previously I had to mess around changing activity type after a kitesurf and it was hard to get relevant data on the watch. Realling liking what this app has to offer.

The only constructive critisim I have is the inconsistent way this app handles Start/Pause/Stop

The main Garmin activity apps always start in a paused state. This allows time for GPS fix to occur and for you to be ready to start your activity. A press of the start/stop button begins the activity recording.

A second press of the start/stop button pauses the activity (useful if you need to take a short break for whatever reason but don't want to end recording)

Pressing the back button from a paused state brings up the resume, save, resume later, discard options

It would be great if it was possible for the developers to try and implement something like this so that the app feels consistent with other activities. Also, allowing time for a full GPS lock before starting to record is pretty important.
Thanks for the feedback Lostfish :thumb:

The controls are done this way intentionally - I think the less interaction you have to do with the watch on water, the better. Starting app also starts the activity, and that is all I need to do when I start my session. With Garmin I often forget to press Start, so nothing gets recorded :( .

Same with Pausing - I don't want accidentall press to pause the session. Also, overwhelming majority of users don't use PAUSE in kitesurfing, so I don't want it to be the an imeediate action of pressing Enter button.

Starting Activity only after GPS got a good signal is doable, but Garmin might be already doing it behind the sceene (activity take data from GPS directly, not from the app). I'm not sure if it would be wise to wait for the "good" GPS signal quality - normally it is not a problem, but in some circumstances it takes a while. At least you get some data untill good fix is acquired. If there is no fix at all, then there will be no track either.

So yes, controls behavior in the "Kite GPS" app is intentionally a bit different from standard Garmin activities (though I tried to be as close as possible - it still starts with Enter button). I think it fits kitesurfing activities better :D

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