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duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

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duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby kattiegreen » Tue Sep 14, 2021 2:46 pm


I am about to get one of the two boards and did some research on them in light wind conditions as that would be my focus in the beginning.
I had someone saying that with a 12kite a nugget can start at about 8-10kn of wind and the pro fish at around 15kn for the average rider.
Do you have similar experiences?

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Re: duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby matth » Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:31 pm

The Nugget is a light wind weapon but not a great SB for riding waves. Profish has decent low end but is a blast in small to med size waves. I weigh 185lbs and can start riding the PF at around 12mph.

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Re: duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby bkkite » Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:46 pm

I think it depends on weight and rider skills.

I had a north nugget as my first surfboard, and it was a great light wind board, and it was a great board for learning to foot switch. Things got sketchy pretty fast in waves, as it would just pick up speed so quickly, and I'd get over powered, and had a hard time with the chop.

I'm 215lbs, and I typically could switch from my twin tip (139cm) to my nugget, rather than having to go up a kite size (my quiver is 7,9,12,15m). I switched recently to a Slingshot Celero 5'8, and it's less good for light wind, but way more fun in waves / chop / and handling powered conditions

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Re: duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby Joostio » Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:25 pm

Had a 5 2 Nugget and loved that board. Was my main board, lots of fun. It's a great light wind machine and fun enough in the waves.

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Re: duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby Chicken-loop » Thu Sep 16, 2021 11:16 pm

Heya Kattiegreen,

I have both a 5.3 Nugget and a 2021 5'5 Duotone Pro Fish and weigh in at a 100 pies. Some seem to say that the new Fish is a replacement for the Nugget.... its not.

I take both boards down the beach with me. If the wind is good I usually jump on the Fish and if underpowered or if the wind drops I grab the Nugget.

I've only use the fish with my 8 & 10 Pivots. I also have a S25 14m Boxer but I don't like the fish with that kite due to the fact that when I chuck the Boxer up the conditions are marginal and best suited to the Nugget.

The differences I have found are:-
- The Nugget has a way better low end (3 knots), stays on the plane easier during transitions and on sloppy full waves. When the waves get chest high it can accelerate too quickly down the face and becomes a handful. The Nugget is loose, fast and better in marginal conditions.

- The Fish is way lighter, has more rocker, feels a little draggy but is more locked in. The bottom shape definitely makes it ride softer in the chop. On a nice sucky wave above waist high is where the Fish starts to come alive. That draggy feeling it has going up wind, keeps you from out-accelerating the wave and allows to play on the face with ease, executing nice turns with plenty of grip and stability. I really enjoy the ease at which it sits in the pocket toe-side while I drag my fingers along the face of the wave. The Fish can also handle more wind than the Nugget.

They both track up wind well, but the Nugget will do it in less wind. Another thing to add is the 5.5 Fish not only feels smaller but it also feels shorter to ride and pops over the white water so smoothly compared to the 5.3 Nugget.

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Re: duotone nugget vs pro fish in light wind

Postby Strekke » Fri Sep 17, 2021 10:35 am

I owned a nugget and loved that thing. Stable, auto upwind, early planning, but still maneuverable. Great as a first surfboard to learn foot switches etc., and of course amazing low end. It can handle smaller sloppy waves just fine, and I've also taken it out on a 7m kite in 25-30 knots. Not ideal for these conditions, but doable, also when the waves get a bit bigger. The Pro Fish will be better for bigger waves and more wind though, but if light wind fun in small slopwaves are your main conditions, and you want more time on the water when the wind starts dropping, then the nugget is a great toy.

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