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Best way to get back up from sitting down/rodeo

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Best way to get back up from sitting down/rodeo

Postby Jyoder » Fri Oct 22, 2021 2:29 am

I can plop down and ride sitting down/rodeo but I can’t get back up gracefully or really at all and have to stop and water start again. Anyone have a good video or method to bounce back up onto your feet instead of trying to shakily climb up one leg and hand at a time?

Trent hink
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Re: Best way to get back up from sitting down/rodeo

Postby Trent hink » Fri Oct 22, 2021 3:48 am

This is the first real trick I learned on a hydrofoil and really the only one I can do (sort of) smoothly.

I adjust my weight while I am sitting to balance things out, then put my rear foot as close as I can to under my ass and put my front hand near the nose of the board.

As I put more weight on my rear foot, I push down more on the nose with my front hand as I’m getting my front foot into position.

As I’m doing this, I might bring the kite slightly higher for a bit of lift if I’m not well powered, but otherwise I just sheet in a bit once my front foot is placed and just stand up.

I can do it now most of the time, but on your first attempts it is much easier if you are moderately to well-powered, moving along reasonably well and not milking it to keep momentum, and just take the whole action slow and easy.

I’ll repeat that last bit, slow and easy.

Once you learn it, then you can work on smooth with style, but you might be surprised to learn that slow and easy often qualifies as smooth with style.

I’m one of the clumsiest people you’ll ever meet, but I can do this, along with the mere handful of tricks I can do on a twin-tip after more than 20 years of practice.

I’m curious how others do it, because one of my friends who has mad skills seemed super surprised the first time he saw me do it, and told me he never did that before.
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