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Aluula Kites - for those of you who already have some hands-on experience

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Re: Aluula Kites - for those of you who already have some hands-on experience

Postby RadDrDuke » Fri Jan 14, 2022 3:24 pm

I don't have an Aluula kite but I do love light kites (just got another Airush Ultra).

However I have an OR Glide Aluula wing for winging and it is FAR superior to tradition wings, noting there are much different forces on the wing compared to a kite and also much less power input typically. It's remarkably light compared to other wings, everyone who holds it comments instantly on the lightness.

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Re: Aluula Kites - for those of you who already have some hands-on experience

Postby branislav72 » Sun Jan 16, 2022 12:28 am

I'm 215 Lb, kiting 5 years, TT only, currently have Cabrinha Switchblade 9m,11m,14m, Moto 8m,10m,12m, had Contra 17m (sold), Flite Aluula 14.5m since Dec 2020 and Flite Aluula 17m since maybe May 2021. I live in Toronto, so it's mostly super gusty wind, typical forecast would say 12kt gusting 28kt. Typically we do not have enough wind so light wind performance was what I was looking for when buying Flite A. I never flown OR kites before buying.

My opinion:
To summarize, the Flite A 14.5m works for me, I pretty much don't ride anything else now. People make fun of me because I'm always on the same kite, others are on 9m kites and I still pump Flite 14.5m first. This is one happy kite - you just want to be flying it. Lower bar pressure then Switchblades or Contra, kite does not try to kill you, or make you hurt. I can ride to around 20kt on Flite A 14.5m when I'm lazy to go back to pump smaller kite. This kite will not drop - this is big deal for us, we sometimes kite when air is 2-3 degC in 8 DegC water and if your kite drops and you can not bring it up because the wind dropped it can quickly become scary. That's one of 2 benefits of Aluula - the weight means kite will not drop and you have better chance to bring it up, and it feels super light in air.

Aluula material will NOT give you more pull compared to the same Dacron kite - you will need pretty much the same minimum wind speed. Do not expect to kite on TT in 5kt with it. You still need 10kt or whatever your weight, size of board and skill is.

Second advantage: extra frame stiffness - this means that kite reacts fast and turns much faster than you would expect based on size. My Flite A 14.5m turns as fast as my Switchblade 11m. I started low powered kiteloops this year on Flite 14.5m. Honestly every kite looping video says you should start on small kites - now I find this advice strange - I was doing backroll transitions before, one day I just decided to try to add kiteloop and with this Flite 14.5m it's so easy - you just bring the kite slowly up, do your normal backroll transition motions, pull hard on back hand side and by the time your body rotates around the kite looped. I'm talking low height backrolls at 10-14kt, I'm not talking about jumping 15m high and megalooping. Once I started on 14.5m, few sessions and I can do the same consistently with Flite A 17m. Later I started to do it in stronger winds on smaller Switchblades. There are very little forces involved. Very easy. Just try it. Now I do 50% of transition as backroll kiteloop. Could Contra 17m do it? Probably yes, if you are really good at it. But those Flite A kites turn much much faster so it's much easier at the beginning when you suck at it.

Best way I can to describe the feel of these Flight A kites is that they are happy kites. One day snow-kiting I pumped by Contra 17m and switched to it from Flite 14.5m. Contra felt like if you tried to fly a pile of bricks. Honestly I packed the kite after few tacks. Once you fly the A kites there is no way going back (at least in low winds). Nothing wrong with Contra, I had it for few years and if there is enough wind for it, it does what it needs to do, but there is just no comparison to these Flite A kites - you don't want to be on that thing anymore. It's like upgrading from 15 year old car to a current model. Both will get you to work but once you drove the new one you don't want the old one anymore. I sold my Contra for cheap to my friend and started saving for Flite A 17m. I did not fly my Switchblade 14m this year at all and unless my sons want to use it, I'm going to sell it. I was my first kite and I'm gonna cry like a baby. Maybe I don't sell it and just keep it hanging in my garage an. It is a great kite. But I don't see scenario where I would be pumping it again if I can take the Flite A.

Flite A 17 flies very similarly to 14.5m but just being a larger size it's wind range is quite smaller, once the wind picks up there is a lot of force going through your body. If the wind is reasonably stable and the size is just right, it is almost as good as 14.5m. Yes it gives you maybe 1.5kt extra on low side, so if you can afford to get one it's great to have it, but the 14.5m is much better value for money. I actually prefer the 17m sometimes when trying to learn some trick - I find it easier because you have little bit more time when you do not need to worry about it and you can focus on the trying to do the trick.

I think that most important for anyone considering Aluula kites is to figure out what shape/style kite makes best match to what they are looking for. Just because it is some fancy material it will not bring you magic skills, happiness or joy. But if you are looking for the best there is for light winds and Flite is the right kite for you, and you can negotiate with your wife or somehow sneak out $3K from the bank account, it might bring you a lot of joy.
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Re: Aluula Kites - for those of you who already have some hands-on experience

Postby fluidity » Sun Jan 16, 2022 3:52 am

I have 5 wings from 2.8 to 6 m and every time I pick up my 5m O.R. glide I'm blown away by how light it feels. it's only a centre alula strut, but being alula it'a about half the material in the centre. and being O.R., they are reputed to have the lightest bladders. This thing packs small, is super stable luffed, handles well when some other wings of the same size would be over powered and it's so light to hold over head.
Don't underestimate the difference from lighter bladders alone.

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Re: Aluula Kites - for those of you who already have some hands-on experience

Postby Richard81 » Mon Jan 24, 2022 2:51 pm

I have a Duotone D/Lab Juice 13m and an Ocean Rodeo Rise 10m.
They are both significantly faster than a similar kites made of the traditional materials and just hang in the sky when the wind is light.
With these just these two kites I would have a wind range from 4-40knots (obviously with some board changes)

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