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Custom made quick release

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Re: Custom made quick release

Postby bragnouff » Mon Jul 04, 2022 8:31 am

I use a bowline knot at the end of the loose bit, with the loop of the bowline going around the centre line, so it doesn't dangle away too far. And since it's all braided dyneema, it's light with minimal swinging momentum (unlike a ball or extra velcro, or magnets), and the loop makes it quite easy to grab when trimming.
It has also the advantage of being adjustable, use a bigger loop (or even double loop) to take away some of the excess trim line, and a smaller one when there isn't that much leftover, while the knot that defines how much full power is there (also if cleat fails to bite) stays at the same position.
And I like having some leftover, out of my 2m bit of rope, so that when the lower 30cm near the chicken loop start to show signs of wear, I can quickly shift the whole trim line down by 30cm on the beach with no tools, and essentially double the life of my depower line. (and I can cut the worn out leftover bit later once I have access to a knife)

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Re: Custom made quick release

Postby alpaia » Wed Jul 06, 2022 9:32 pm

Thanks for the tip that is interesting about extra length.

I found I barely use the trim with a long bar throw (70 cm) and a short QR and harness connection (no hook)
So i have made a bar with long throw, no trim and a very short QR, I use with 10m and 7m kites

Only for long freeride sessions with a big kite i find myself adjusting within the session.

The depower rope i made it sleeved and the dyneema core is very tight inside the sleeve,
So it holds well in the cleat and is stiff it does not dangle too much. I used the sleeve from a 6mm rope and put in a 5mm dyneema core.

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