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Short lines for better high end

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Re: Short lines for better high end

Postby downunder » Thu Jun 30, 2022 2:28 pm

As I see it, ALL racers are on huge kites and short lines.
Like 15-17m kites and 15m race lines. I watched Peak 4(5?)m, long lines and skilled kiter racing this guys, and to be fair his speed was matching for some time. But not for long.

The power is in the legs. If u not 100kg guy, forget it. Not a single skiny guy can match them.

That is why I think racing is buggered. It should be categorised, like boxing. Skiny guys have no chance to compete with them.


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Re: Short lines for better high end

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Jun 30, 2022 5:59 pm

nothing2seehere wrote:
Thu Jun 30, 2022 8:19 am
My initial reasoning was to reduce the number of kites that I own (or prevent me from needing to buy another kite anyway). It doesn't sound like its going to do that. As it is I generally prefer to be flying long lines (26-28m) on my 9m rather than normal length so it sounds like I need something different as the wind picks up.

As its easier to roll another set of lines out than pump another kite I was looking for a possible shortcut on those days when the wind picks up.

Hi nothing2seehere.

I also used 25-26 meter lines on all my LEI kites, also the small ones 5 and 3½ m2.
Worked so much better for me.

For light wind big kites, both LEI and Foils, it is 30 meter, but then we talk about 7-9 knots of wind.

This length, 25-26 meter, does not correspond 1 to 1 for foil kites (at least not Peak kites).

Here I like the 20-22 meter line length the most, also for the 3 m2, okay maybe espcially for the smallest Peaks in fact.

So my point is, you can definitely not compare LEI and foil kites regarding line lengths.
I have found there is this around 5 meter difference, to obtain the same feel and advantages.

Just something to be aware of, for those posting/reading this thread.

You apparently dont use Peak kites - as if you did, you would know it is WAY faster to roll out and launch a smaller Peak, than adding or removing extensions to lines on a kite - in fact absolutely no comparison, WAY faster.

On the plus side, if you are in a semi deserted area, you can just let the kite stay put on the ground, IF the wind should drop again, and ride/drag ashore and change kite, takes less than minutes of time.

I have tried std line lengths many times, on my LEI kites (20-22 meter) and eventhough I was positive in attitude, trying to like it and used some time on these - it did not work for me whatsoever - so I know how you feel and why you use longer lines.

Many use their standard lines for LEI hydrofoiling, but I honestly think this is only because they dont know nothing else, so to make it easy they use their normal bar, without knowing the differences.
Not because they have tested shorter and longer for a considerable amount of time, to know for sure.

Besides that, my point is that for LEI kites I found that shorter lines worked horrible on these when small sizes.
Not as bad when medium sizes, and in the big sizes 9 to 12 m2 pretty useless as +28 meter is needed IMO.

Some have different experiences maybe - thats why we have a forum and can discuss :thumb:

And to the key question: High end?

I dont know, and dont care, as it would only matter if you dont have small kites at all, and would try to survive with the wrong size, right?

8) Peter

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Re: Short lines for better high end

Postby Axis1050 » Fri Jul 01, 2022 12:16 am

I have BRM Cloud kites and use 32m very thin race lines.
The race lines make a huge difference due to reduced drag resulting snappy kite turning etc.just significantly better all round.

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