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Tip for overstretched Soul bridal

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Tip for overstretched Soul bridal

Postby Soleas » Fri Aug 05, 2022 5:31 pm

After a hard water crash during a downloop my Soul 10m started to pull to the left. I checked the short mixer and everything was fine but at the long mixer test one side was off a couple of inches in the front lines only. When i checked the bridal at the long test i noticed that some of the attachment points where off and some not. So i thought well, now what.

I remembered that the braking point of those thin bridal lines is pretty high so they wont break if i pull hard on a single one. So I took one by one and pulled it with about 20-30 kg of force and.....slowly slowly one by one.... VOILA! It worked.

Pulling one by one from the attachment point on the kite, I managed to stretch them equal to the other side and equal with the short mixer. Kite now flys like a dream. I'm not sure what Flysurfer recommends for such problem but putting some 20-30kg of pull on those lines to stretch them a bit wont hurt them.
Oh yeah, some people might need gloves. I didnt use any so I don't put excessive force on them but they are very thin and left me some scars 😆

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