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Effect of backstall on looping speed

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Re: Effect of backstall on looping speed

Postby Dingus » Thu Oct 06, 2022 10:21 am

I have asked a lot of other kiters about backstall, no one ever told me any reason/any advantage of it.????

I feeel it is a great way on board to catch up to the kite if it is moving fast. Maybe backstall helps me with the ‘pendulum effect’, most likely it helps me correct(get away with) poor jump timing!

I want backstall on small kites.

My method for oversheeting is to put a fist between chicken loop and bar, then trim kite at that position for zero backstall. I find it easy to fist bar for zero backstall while riding and or looping kite.

I have no idea how backstall would help when looping a kite, I prefer depower for a larger loop diameter and then faster climb/catch afterwards.

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Re: Effect of backstall on looping speed

Postby Herman » Thu Oct 06, 2022 1:47 pm

Hi Dingus,

For me, the single most important reason to have backstall available in the bar throw is to be able to slow or check the speed of a small kite flying across the window without having to pull the bar in close to the harness.

It also means you know that you have the full sheeting range available to you but other than that I don’t want backstall when airborne; but neither do I want something different to my normal bar set up other than a subtle tweak in a session!!

Obviously it’s good to be understand backstall because it can happen anyway, plus you need it for handling foil kites if you branch out in that direction.

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