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Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

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Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby rnelias » Tue Oct 04, 2022 3:46 pm

Anyone that used both could give us an opinion about both systems?

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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby knotwindy » Tue Oct 04, 2022 4:55 pm

Short ugly review
Both good harnesses, supportive and solid
Only difference that matters is fit, one fit me better than the other.
Which will fit you better? Have to try them on on the water sadly. They both fit me in the shop.
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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby Da Yoda » Tue Oct 04, 2022 7:11 pm

rnelias wrote:
Tue Oct 04, 2022 3:46 pm
Anyone that used both could give us an opinion about both systems?
I've tried the Mystic. I didn't think is was anything special, but it's a good design. The cam-action closure was nice. Same for the Ion version.
All have the "wings" now like Prolimit has been doing, so that's nothing new, but it's a good feature.

I've been eyeing the Unity s-bar. I've played with the system and I liked it's concept better. It does require getting the webbing strap adaptors to make it compatible with other harness brands. I really like the quick-change feature for switching from a hook to a rope slider (fastest on the market that I'm aware of). Others require either undoing the webbing straps to change out the s-bar or using a tool or fin key to remove/attach the hook. I think RE really nailed it on this feature.

If your current harness has a 4-strap configuration, you can use just about any s-bar on the market now.
The Prolimit PL Alpha and the Ion Spectre s-bars may be worth checking out as well. They both use the same closure concept as Mystic and RE.
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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby Baptiste_FR » Wed Oct 05, 2022 3:53 pm

I am also looking for a harness and the Mystic and Ride-Engine have both ggod reviews by customers.
But the F-one Halo seems interesting too. Does anyone tried it ?

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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby grigorib » Wed Oct 05, 2022 4:45 pm

Have a Mystic Stealth harness, size S for sale. Comes with Clickerbar 4.0 S/M hook spreader bar, would substitute spreader bar with sliding rope spreader bar for additional $25.
$325 shipped in US

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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby lifeinthehood » Wed Oct 05, 2022 7:19 pm

Ah, I think I can be helpful on this topic! If not to OP, then to other people looking for a comfortable harness. I've tried SO many harnesses including the flagship models from both Mystic and RE. The Mystic Stealth looks the coolest, but ultimately ended up being one of the least comfortable. In my case, it even injured me. The firmness of it and lack of cushioning gave me some ribcage bruising after some hard crashes. The RE Carbon Elite had better cushioning, but also seemed to slide up more easily - the fabric is pretty slippery. However, the RE harness I tried was a couple of years old so maybe they've made some improvements.

To make a long story short, I ended up, perhaps surprisingly, settling on an AK Ether V2 (L) and RE Unity Mega Bar (10"; medium). I weigh 72 kg and have a size 31 PANT size waist (more on this in a minute). Through all my experimentation, I came to two realizations: 1) soft harnesses are more comfortable and won't squeeze you IF you get a spreader bar that is wide enough; and 2) correct sizing is everything. The Ether is marketed for foilers and for its travel benefits. I got it for foiling, but on a whim, tried it for twin tipping and found that it worked not only well enough but better than anything else I have tried. But you MUST get the sizing right.

1) I bought into the whole concept of the hardshell harness until I realized that on crashes they hurt more, they slip up more easily, and unless you're really fortunate with your body shape, they don't conform to your body as well as a soft-shell thus are less comfortable. More cushioning makes it feel more comfortable, but at the same time, makes the harness much more likely to slide up. If the cushioning compresses easily enough to conform to your soft body, it compresses quite easily under kiting forces and allows the harness to slip. The Manera Halo has an interesting concept and I actually liked this harness a lot. However, I am not a fan of their clips to attach the bar, and the lining has this sunken grid pattern that doesn't grip very well in my experience. I hope they improve upon the design because I think the concept is promising - the comfort of a soft-shell with the outer support of a hardshell.

2) Correct sizing is not as easy as it seems and it took me awhile to figure out. First off, do NOT go by your pant waist size. That is not where you wear your waist harness. Measure your belly size and take into account the thickness of your wetsuit and/or impact vest. While I wear a 31 waist in pants, I found that my belly was close to 34" and depending on wetsuit/impact vest, was up to 36". As far as I have seen, the RE size chart is the only one that tells you to measure your waist at your belly button level. EDIT: Okay, just checked and the Mystic size chart now also states this. About the "wings" on the bar - you are not getting any benefit from these wings unless they are sunk in as far as possible. The wings on the newer bars also help in resisting torsion, but ONLY if they are pushed in all the way. I see a lot of people with small bars on the front where the wings are into the inserts by an inch or two at most, and this does absolutely nothing.

You also want to get as wide a bar as possible so that the harness can't squeeze - esp important if you get a soft harness like I did. But not so wide that the ends of the bar are so far away from your body that tightening the straps results in a front-back tightness but side-to-side movement of the bar is too loose. Ideally, you want the straps to attach to the bar (where the straps wrap around the strap insert) to be close to perpendicular (when viewed from above). The reason for this is, think about how the straps attach to the bar if the bar is small. It attaches closer to parallel or in-line with the bar. There is significantly less resistance to upwards twisting of the bar in this scenario, regardless of how tight you cinch down the straps because the straps aren't rigid. If perpendicular (or close to it), the lower strap is more effective at resisting the upwards torsion of the bar. I found that this helps a LOT in alleviating the upwards slippage of the harness. I will note that the new RE Unity Ladder Lock straps work way better because of this principle - they are rigid and resist torsion. I've tried the new RE Saber v2 harness and it's pretty good but I still like the larger surface area of the large AK Ether.

I have also tried the AK Ether harness in a medium with a 12" Unity bar. This worked well also (more perpendicular straps - more torsion resistance), but the surface area of the harness on the medium was significantly less than the large. And on the water it felt like less back support. The AK Ether harness in large with a 12" Unity bar did not work because with the wings fully sunk in I reached the tightening limit of the straps and the harness was still too loose.

Hopefully what I described above wasn't too hard to follow. But correct harness sizing I think is something that isn't really widely discussed and in the shop, they tend to just tell you to go with what "feels comfortable". The problem is everything feels fine in the store. Hanging off a control bar in the store doesn't tell you much. In actual usage on the water, it's a very different story. IMHO, (waist) harness fitting is hard to get right but at the same time, absolutely critical to maximizing your time on the water while minimizing discomfort or even injury.
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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby ptben » Thu Oct 06, 2022 9:24 am

Yes, I'm associated with Ride Engine, but talking broadly, I totally agree with @lifeinthehood that sizing is key with all hardshell harnesses. Ride Engine has multiple harness sizes and bar sizes to address this and other manufacturers will be the same. As a Ride Engine fan I think the Unity system is a great move away from harness straps but straps offer some flex which again helps with fit.
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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby bkkite » Tue Oct 11, 2022 7:41 pm

I switch from ride engine to Mystic in the last two years mostly because of the durability of the ride engine products. I had 2 different harnesses where the stitching that connects to the hardshell to the harness came undone on the top of the harness. I also felt that the mystic was a bit larger and better fit for my body type. I moved to a clearance mystic majestic X and loved it, and then moved to the stealth because it dries so much quicker and left less water sitting in my car after a session. I love the stealth and could not recommend it more, and if budget is an issue, then get the heavier more water logged majestic x and it basically feels just as good while riding.

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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby Luffe » Tue Oct 11, 2022 7:58 pm

The Ride Engine is set and forget. Super good system which makes it easy to get a 100 % symetrical setup. Haven't tried the Stealth system though.

I'm really happy with my Ride Engine Carbon Elite. I just strap it on and don't worry about it again until I'm done kiting. Super comfy, no back pain, doesn't hurt my ribs if i crash and doesn't ride up at all.

Just make sure to read the sizing recommendations on Ride Engines web page for bar width / harness size. I got a different recommendation in the shop from what was recommended on the web page.

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Re: Mystic Stealth x Ride Engine Unity

Postby DanielorDani » Sun Oct 30, 2022 4:46 pm

lifeinthehood wrote:
Wed Oct 05, 2022 7:19 pm
The Manera Halo has an interesting concept and I actually liked this harness a lot. However, I am not a fan of their clips to attach the bar, and the lining has this sunken grid pattern that doesn't grip very well in my experience. I hope they improve upon the design because I think the concept is promising - the comfort of a soft-shell with the outer support of a hardshell.
I really have problems to find a waist harness which is not going up. Nowdays I am using a seat one, but of course, more mobility could be great. And something that looks cooler jejejej

If in the Manera Halo could you insert a Mystic stealth bar, for exemple, do you think could be fantasthic?

I haven't seen anybody yet with this harness. Also any shop to try it or renting it...

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