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F-One TT 168

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F-One TT 168

Postby Toby » Wed Feb 19, 2003 12:08 pm

On the beach
Brand : F.One
Model : TT 168
Length : 168 cm
Width : 37 cm
Volume : NC
Weight : 2.7 Kg
Materials used : 100% carbon sandwich

Scoop and Bottom : The scoop is fairly straight; the end of the board is finished on both sides with small indents. The bottom of the board is flat.

Rails : The rails are wake like, they are round and thin on top and the tips resemble wake board tips.

Equipment : There isn’t a leash plug but a strap can be screwed onto one of the fins. There are four fiber G10 5 cm wake like fins that can be fixed with two screws from the top of the board, there are also two double thick pads and two super comfortable extra large screw adjustable foot straps. The strap inserts allow you to adjust the angle and width. Be careful if you glue the pads, you might have to drill the pads if you change your position afterwards.

Design/Finish : The design talks for itself! And it always surprises, whether you like it or not! The finish is remarkable, superbly polished with outstanding accessories.

Specifications : The all in one twin tip of the brand! The best seller! Recommended for average weight progress oriented or for advanced heavier weight riders.

On the water
User-friendliness/Adaptability : This TT is easy to use from the outset; the medium weight riders will find it easy at the first try. It is very stable and offers instant comfort. For the heavier riders, you need to find your position at the beginning in order to pass the small waves.

Planing : The 168 speeds up slowly without effort. It’s lightness, stability and glide allow the board to pick up speed according to the kite’s traction.

Glide : The board surfs nicely and this TT doesn’t pull any water compared to some of last year’s models. The four fins are enough and do not slow the board down. Stable and easy- going, the 168 has a good cruising speed!

Carving : It turns very well in constant wind for the medium weight riders. Going up-wind is easy and stable even if you’re sometimes overpowered. Keeping your direction gets more technical in stronger wind for medium weight riders and it is not easy to ride with waves. But the 168 is perfect for heavier riders. It allows good positioning for jumping.

Control : The board reacts to every move and gives you no surprises. It allows good slides and changing direction with ease. For the lightweights: you’ll need some time to get the turns right, you should put your weight on the back of the board to get more out of it

General description of sensations and impressions : A sound and effortless board that will be appreciated by riders of various skill levels. Heavy riders will excel with this TT. Lighter ones will ride in moderate wind with pleasure. This TT allows everything and delights with its stability and direction.

The positive points : Stability, lightweight and good direction.

Flysurf.coms’ advice : The method to glue the pads advised by F.One is good and it suited the riders who tested the TT, regardless of their weight and size.

For Who : For everyone! From beginners to medium for the lightweights, advanced to confirmed for the heavier riders.

Specifications conformity : A best seller, the TT has it all!

Their advice
Caro, 62 Kg, 32 years old : "Really very stable and easy, with good output, but a bit big for lighter persons who like small boards".
Fred, 81 Kg, 34: "Surely my next buy, unless the 160 is even better!"
Damien, 70 Kg, 23: "A good everyday board for those who weigh 80 Kg or more, a good TT for the less than 70 Kg in light wind conditions".
Cedric, 78 Kg, 21: "A real freestyle board!"

Test conditions Wind force : From 8 to 35 knots.
Boards used : Mini directional Jack Fly, TT Airush 160, TT custom Magma 160, TT F.One 174.
Testers weight : Experts, from 62 Kg to 81 Kg.
Kites normally used by the testers : F.One Mach1 12m, Takoon Scoop 10.5, Wipika AirBlast 6.3, 11.8 and 8.4.

More information about F.One,


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